Treatment for the Trigger Finger

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For some, the finger can be more painful, as it fits in the palm of your hand, and for others, on the contrary, with more pain, when it returns to an extended position. In addition, there are those who experience a smoother movement when the finger is bent, but then it is fixed in the palm of the hand, and then, when it is extended, it moves back in the upright position.

Although direct injury and overuse can cause a trigger finger, there are other conditions that cause this condition. Edema caused by arthritis can irritate the tendon and its sheath; Finger infection caused by rupture can cause irritation and scarring of not only the tendon, but also the tendon membrane.

The trigger finger can be painless and annoying for some people, but for most it is very painful and debilitating, which reduces the ability of victims to participate in simple daily tasks. Although many patients have been treated with a trigger finger for many years before proceeding with its solution, it is very important that this condition be considered from the very beginning to achieve a more successful result, regardless of treatment. Although surgery is one of the most common trigger finger treatment singapore, it is important to understand the full range of treatments available to treat it.


Many times, doctors recommend over-the-counter medications for treating the trigger finger, especially if the symptoms are very mild or they appear. If symptoms progress more, they may recommend a splint or cortisone injection. They should also remember that cortisone not only reduces pain and general symptoms, but can also cause severe tendon degeneration, which leads to much more serious problems than those that trigger finger has.