Simple tips for making chessboard on a table

If you love to play chess games then you can try this fantastic DIY chess board table at home. Learning how to paint a chessboard if you don’t have one, or lost it, will be the best way to play chess. With some easy and simple guidelines, you will finally be able to play.

First, gather some crucial things

You will require certain things to paint a table and, that is:

Old square board or any table which is not used for any purpose, medium grit sandpaper, fine-grit sandpaper, damp cloth, ruler, pencil, masking tape, craft knife, newspaper, sponge brush, and wood stain.


The first step- the table should be sanded down to make it smooth and, then begin with coarse-grit sandpaper and start your work. Sand your way until you find that the table you are using is smooth enough to paint.

The second step– now the table should have 20 inches square size because this will help you to paint 10 inches for every side on the table. Now mark the opposite squares.

The third step– once you’re done making squares then cover the whole table with masking tape. Then carefully trace all the squares with a pencil and ruler. Make sure that each square on the table should be around two and a half inches wide.

The fourth step– when you have done the tracing part then cut the alternative squares on the table. Make sure that you keep the corner one cut and then cut every other box. Then use a craft knife and press it gently through the masking tape to cut.

The fifth step– now spray the board and make sure that you are working in a properly ventilated area. Spray on the open squares and after that let them dry and, remove the tape.