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More than half of global trading is done by software based on artificial intelligence. AI programs are currently being used by leading traders to study market developments and anticipate price developments. They are the source of a large number of orders to buy, sell or send alerts to traders to inform them of a change to come.

This technology should lead to improved performance and returns on investments. In the future, artificial intelligence software will also be able to protect consumers from fraud by tracking changes in credit card spending patterns. Any anomaly in expenses or unusual activity on an account will trigger signals that will alert the account holder for an audit.


The big players of the Internet, Google, Face book, Windows, … have embarked on the race for artificial intelligence. The challenge? To be able to sell always more by guessing the least of our desires even before we could express them. Thus, Face book makes dozens of researchers and computer scientists work on artificial intelligence that could, for example, compare the profiles of our social networks and anticipate our choices … Google can imagine  robotics uk studying how we live (our habits, our hobbies, our health, our clothes, ..) to offer us for example, a new sweater when it will be noticed that we change our dress habits or when our favorite sweater is damaged. This proposal will be made only if our bank account allows us this purchase or if the glue, the shape, and the texture pleases our entourage because in the opposite case we would not be a real potential buyer

  • robotics companies ukThe coupling between the use of the internet, big data and artificial intelligence that allows three of:
  • artificial intelligence will anticipate most of our desires or our needs rather a huge amount of data (going so far as to analyze our private lives to retrieve their precious data),
  • store and process gigantic masses of data in a very short time allowing virtually instantaneous analysis,
  • analyze more and more accurately and intelligently the data to model, codify and ultimately predict our desires, our desires,…. our drifts?
  • Thus, some of our great benefactors dream of being able to anticipate the least of our desires … What will be of our referee? Do we offer what we want to help us be happier or better consumers?