Radical changes in UEFA in the next coming years? Find out here


The UEFA is proposing to discuss the relegation system and also the moving of games to the weekend which is targeted in 2021 as part of potentially radical changes to the format of the Champions League which is UEFA’s most prestigious football tournament after a secret meeting was discussed earlier this month.


There are already years of speculation which has become the first formal talks between the top bodies with a strong intention of changing European soccer. The talks are just the beginning according to league sources, and any changes which are far from the certainty and the unlikeliness could be felt its effects before 2024 according to the trusted sources of 안전놀이터.

However, the changes which were discussed in a meeting held in Switzerland could become a dramatic change when this is already implemented in the next coming years. There is a nascent proposal in replacing the qualifying structure of the entire tournament more advanced and closed system for promotions and relegations which they have seen to favor Europe’s biggest and richest football clubs and create a harder path for smaller teams in qualifying.

Also, another noteworthy proposal would change the Champions League games from its regular midweek schedule into the weekend. This kind of change would be proven to be subverted to the primacy of each country’s national league which also includes the English Premier League.

During the meeting, the clubs of the mentioned major European football leagues were represented by the European Club Association on their behalf, while a trade body from Juventus represented 232 European teams during the meeting.

Aside from them, the board has included European football powerhouses Manchester United, FC Barcelona, and the Bayern Munich. This group has been pushing for years in revamping the European football scene to protect the larger teams and always guarantee their participation in their respective leagues.

It was already confirmed by a UEFA spokesperson that the meeting was considered to be a brainstorming session where they have also joined in by other stakeholders before the changes are already considered in UEFA’s major football leagues.

There has been a series of meetings amid a huge fear of breakaway by some of the biggest and richest football clubs in UEFA who already expressed their intention to split off from the current structures with the plans of doing their own Super League exclusive only for the teams that participated in the opposition of the current system of UEFA.

Last fall, a cache of private emails and confidential presentations published by a platform that calls itself Football Leaks appeared to show that seven elite European clubs—Real Madrid and Barcelona of Spain, Bayern Munich of Germany, Juventus and AC Milan of Italy, and Manchester United and Arsenal of England—explored the possibility of forming their own competition to chase television ratings and astronomical revenue as recently as 2016.

As of the moment, UEFA was able to pacify these rich football clubs on their side as the UEFA and the ECA have already reached a peace agreement in Rome earlier this year as both sides agreed in a Memorandum of Understanding to follow the current competition formats until 2024, which is also the projected date of the rumored major relegation changes.