Pole dancing – how to improve your skills? 

Pole dance is one of the most seductive forms of dancing. Indeed, it is full of surprises, including its past and how one can improve their pole dancing skill. It originated in the 12th century in China, which sounds unbelievable to most people. One of the 800 years old Indian sport called “mallakhamb” also bears many similarities to pole dancing.

In the USA, pole dance became a popular source of entertainment during The Great Depression when men had nowhere else to escape. It took its current form after the 19070s when the pioneers shaped this dance form as we see it today.

Tips for pole dancing 

Everyone enjoys watching beautiful dancing gracefully with the support of nothing but a pole. But, pole dancing is not an easy form of dance to learn as the performer stands a fair chance of injuries or mishappenings.

However, here are some tips that are very helpful as per professionals.

  1. Conditioning the body for pole dancing 

Just like an athlete, the dancers need to train their bodies for it. Building strength is very critical when it comes to dancing gracefully and practicing for long hours. Building upper body strength is not enough because the entire body needs some conditioning for pole dancing.

  1. Proper warm-up 

Just like any other form of exercise, one needs to do a proper warm-up and stretch regime. It is recommended because it sets the muscles in motion for strenuous pole dance practices or performances.

  1. Keeping track of the progress 

Like any other dance form, recording the practice sessions is recommended. One can then analyze and identify the areas of improvement and record their progress.

  1. Regular repair breaks 

Pole dancing needs a lot of energy and dedication. It is why one can easily feel like giving up, or they may slack a bit. So, taking regular breaks to allow the body to repair and rejuvenate is very important.

Learning and performing pole dance gracefully is not a short journey. One can’t just wake up and become an expert. Professional dancers spend years honing their skills, often starting at a young age. To achieve the same level of expertise, one should be willing to put in the same time and effort.