Nationwide Parcel Courier Considerations

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If you need to use a nationwide parcel carrier on a short term or long term basis then there are some major things you need to take into consideration about how your business operates, before even going out into the market place to find a nationwide parcel carrier. ekspedisi Jakarta Surabaya

First of all are your parcels all the same size and do you ship them very regularly, and at the same time each day? If so it is likely that you will be able to negotiate a better rate with the parcel carrier. Even more so if they need shipping out to the same nationwide locations each day.

If you need parcels picking up at various times of day you may find a local carrier offers more flexibility, or you may choose a nationwide carrier that has several franchise agents in your area. The larger the carrier, the less flexibility they will offer on pick up times. You may be given a standard pickup time each day, but you need to ensure your parcels are ready to be picked up by that time each day.

If not you may get requests from customers who have paid for a next day parcel service asking for their carriage costs back. This will happen a lot if you regularly “Just miss” their pickup time by ten or fifteen minutes. The parcel company, in particularly a nationwide one will not wait around, if they did they would not meet other customers delivery times, then they would find other people with parcels waiting to be picked up complaining.

This just highlights you need to think of how your business works before looking at a nationwide parcel carrier.