Instagram, where are we, where are we going?

In its early days, Instagram was considered a photo editor, with a focus on creative communities. With the acquisition by Facebook in 2012, the platform gradually expanded its audience becoming a mainstream social network. Revealers of this mutation, the filters – markers of the positioning of Instagram – are less and less used, and, especially, the photos without filters are more popular than the others (The science of Instagram). The craze for selfies reflects this taste for moments of life captured on the spot, without retouching, an authentic emotion shared.The smartphone has dethroned the camera, to the point of becoming a mobile cam with an embedded telephone function. At the heart of new uses, Instagram gives new power to photography. freeing it from its intimidating technicality, the application allows everyone to express themselves visually in the public space. If you want to promote your business on this social site, then order Instagram followers.

What types of professionals use Instagram?

86% of global brands are on Instagram. All sectors are concerned: from cars to fashion, including tourism, food, leisure and luxury. Most often, the marketing and communication department via its social media manager manages the Instagram account. Johnnie Walker, Lafarge, Etam, Renault, Bose, Lanvin … brands are courting more and more new influencers producing quality visual content, the “grammasters”. A term invented by Netflix for amateur photographers sought for their artistic talent or their audience – some exceed 100,000 subscribers. They are paid or receive benefits in kind (travel, equipment, clothing …) to make free photos campaigns on Instagram. Among them, a handful is professionalized and makes a living thanks to the social network. The traditional actors of the world of art and photography are not left behind, they use the application to make themselves known to the public.

Why is Instagram essential for business and marketing professionals?

Unlike the Anglo-Saxons, French companies have long underestimated the power of photography in brand content and communication campaigns. No doubt our culture is more imbued with its literary tradition and less with visual education. With the global explosion of mobile photography and the impact of Instagram (2.5 billion likes per day), communicators and marketers can no longer ignore this social network and must integrate it into their strategy digitalis. A photo posted on Instagram generates 60 times more engagement than content on Facebook. The image is the most effective way to transmit emotions to the greatest number.

Advantages for brands

For a private company or a public organization, Instagram has a triple advantage: promote the offer (audience), enrich its library of images (brand content), share a social experience by taking advantage of the very strong bond woven between an influential photographer and his community (commitment). Appearing as a discoverer of photographic talent or sponsoring events around mobile photography create value and place a brand at the heart of new uses. Order Instagram followers from us today to boost up your business.