What Are The Most Common Instagram Myths And Misconceptions?


Instagram is a social media app that allows people to share photos with their followers. With the popularity of Instagram growing every day, there are many common myths and misconceptions about this app floating around on the internet. Here are the most common myths and misconceptions about Instagram that you should consider ignoring.

Instagram is only for teens and young adults

In reality, Instagram is a great app for all ages to use. That is why there are so many celebrities that have joined Instagram and have quite a few fans from different age groups. With Goread, you can buy Instagram followers from all over the world.

Photos on Instagram are over-filtered

Many people think that the photos on Instagram are all over-filtered and edited to look better than what it actually was. That is why many people use their Instagram as if it were a photo studio. But if you see some of the most popular users such as Justin Bieber and other celebrities, you will realize that their photos are not over-filtered at all, especially when compared to some other popular users whose photos take a lot of editing to look good.

Instagram photos should be square shaped


Many people think that their Instagram photos should look like a square shaped picture in order for their followers to see it as a standard IG photo. But the truth is that your photos can be in any shape as long as you do not distort its content. So feel free and share your great moments with the world through any size and shape of photGo Readthat you want to use.

People who have many followers will be popular

In reality, most people do not have more than 100 followers on Instagram but they are still able to make a name for themselves by creating great content. It is important to create great quality photos and have the right audience in mind so that you get the views you want. So even if you don’t have a lot of followers, great photos can still earn you plenty of views and hopefully some new fans too.

You need to add a lot of hashtags every time that you post

It is also a common misconception that you should use a lot of hashtags on your photos in order to be popular on Instagram. This is not true because people will organically find your photos through the search feature and easily discover your account if you have great quality photos. So do not feel pressured by this myth and just post great photos.