Visiting the Church and Learning New Things

Visiting the Church and Learning New Things

You will not know, but there’s something reverent of being inside the Shincheonji church. This gives us the physical space where we can connect & get closer to God & to realize there’s something bigger than ourselves. Also, entering Shincheonji, we are instantly elevated to the state where we are opening ourselves in front of our God and understand his message. It is an act of walking towards that brings you closer. This connection is strengthened & reinforced by the church attendance. We are making out time for God & allowing him physically in our lives just by attending the church.

Reflect on Gratitude

When practicing gratitude, we will reframe negative and frustrating situations in learning opportunities. This gratitude helps us in realizing how much blessed we are or how much we have. Even when the things appear dire & awful, church helps us to change our thought and outlook and end dwelling on the empty questions, “Why is it happening only to me?”

Visiting the Church and Learning New Things

Church will help us to realize things that we have, and when we feel totally lost. For instance, we might have an access to the modern medical care, network of people that will help our spouse in the job search, and memories or lessons that we take from our time and with our family, and way to reunite in heaven. Even though it is tough to see blessings at this moment, but, attending church will help us to open our eyes and hearts to see things we have.

Your trip to the Shincheonji church, is one opportunity of running in your priest & speak and learn, and get encouraged by their faith & positivity.

Return to normalcy

Those are fortunate who never had his life to turn upside down during this coronavirus pandemic. We are all living through the unprecedented disruption of our lives. Going to Shincheonji even for a little time marks its beginning of a long road back in our ‘normal’ life.