The benefits of contact with nature, which is why they often choose to create a veranda to create an environment halfway between inside and outside, where they can relax and regenerate.

Whether it is a veranda connected to the garden or a terrace veranda , a protection for the balcony or a winter garden, an independent structure or one leaning against the building, in its realization the choice of material is essential to obtain a functional, welcoming and beautiful to look at solution. In conclusion: is wood, aluminum or PVC better? Let’s find out together screen enclosures in West Fargo, ND.


The wooden verandas are certainly the best in terms of quality of the material , and are also the only ones able to give a warm, welcoming and above all natural environment . They are ideal for closing balconies or terraces, and find their maximum expression in gardens, where they become one with the nature that surrounds them. The price varies depending on the size, the quality of the wood chosen and the details that will be added to the veranda, but in general this type is slightly more expensive than pvc or aluminum verandas.


Another material widely used for the construction of verandas is aluminum, which offers thermal insulation comparable to wood, but with a much lower price . Its aesthetic is not comparable to that of a veranda in natural materials, but it offers a clean, light and above all weather resistant style, a feature that makes aluminum verandas perfect for the construction of winter gardens to be used all the time year.


PVC verandas represent a good compromise between quality and price as regards above all thermal and acoustic insulation. The PVC is easy to maintain and makes the awning quick to clean . Furthermore, the latest generation PVCs allow you to faithfully reproduce different effects, including wood, for a veranda apparently made of natural materials, but much less expensive.


Unfortunately, there is no single answer to this question. What we can tell you is only that when designing and choosing the material for your veranda, greenhouse or winter garden it is very important to make sure that the style of the structure adapts to the existing landscape and architecture, while maintaining its own personality depending on the intended use.