Tips For Telling Your Parents That You Want To Be a Musician


So, you’re struggling how to tell your parents that you want to pursue your passion in music. Some parents are cool with it; however, some parents may already have plans for you and your future.

Parents only want the best for you, and disapproval doesn’t mean that they want to destroy your dreams. You only have to work hard to convince them and by starting to have an open conversation with them. Of course, you need to be prepared. Here are some tips on how to tell your parents about this:

Know What You Want and Have Music Business Goals

Telling your parents that you want to be an artist is somehow unprecise. You should be definite what type of musician you want to be and be sure about it. Examine yourself and see what you like doing. Would you like to lead a band and aiming for a world tour? A music composer, or a songwriter?  Knowing your qualities, abilities, and interests will enable you to choose what career path to take.

Consider Your Education

Your parents likely need you to focus on your schooling and send you to college. You want to concentrate on the music without the interruption of classes. However, consider that going to college can be an opportunity to sharpen your abilities and develop it more through music clubs and music classes, music shows, radio stations, and more.

If your parents are enthusiastic about your college education and you are also passionate about your music, then do both. Concur with your parents that you’ll go to college, and you’ll also pursue your career in music at the same time.

Get Ready to Talk about Finances

It’s not as simple to profit in the music industry. Your parents will surely say that.

You most likely don’t know how much money you’ll be making as you leave on your music profession. Or what your expenses will be.  Make a plan to show your parents that you’ve already pondered it. Be prepared to address inquiries concerning finances, and more.

Do some exploration about the music business and how artists make profit on their music and recordings and live shows.  Many big artists started their careers and made big names only through music streaming platforms like Spotify. They also make money through these music platforms. So if you want to show off your potential to a broader audience, get noticed, and be a Spotify star, you can count on buy spotify promotion.

Show Them Your Passion

It may be challenging to show your parents how passionate you are about your music. Tell them precisely how much this means to you. If your parents see that you’re working hard to develop yourself in your future career path that is a major advance in convincing them.