Things to know about this certification scheme

Edutrust application

EduTrust is a voluntary certification scheme introduced for different privately owned education institutions in Singapore. This is an award given only to those educational institutions that are privately owned and have achieved satisfactory results in various areas or departments. In this article, we will discuss the edutrust application.

Who administers this certification scheme-

Committee for Private Education administers the EduTrust certification scheme. The Skills Future Singapore Board was appointed on October 2016 to have the powers and function that needs to be carried out about the things related to private education after the passing of the act – Private Education Act.

The areas under which after fulfilling the certificate is granted are-

  1. Management commitment and responsibilities. Scored out of 50
  2. Corporate governance and administration. scored out of 180
  3. External recruitment agents. Scored out of 80
  4. Student protection and support services. Scored out of 200
  5. Academic processes and student assessment. Scored out of 250.
  6. Achievement of student and graduate outcomes. Scored out of 150
  7. Quality assurance monitoring and results. Scored out of 90.

Totaling 1000 points and to get the certificate, the privately owned educational institution must achieve 600 t0 749 points. This certificate has validity for about four years, so it needs to be renewed before the term ends.The license will be terminated if the institution fails to fulfill the four-year standards.

Fees to be paid by the institution-

  • Small – less than S$ 1 million
  • Medium- between S$ 1 million and S$ 15 million
  • Hefty- more than S$15 million

To conclude, the information mentioned above must help us know about the certificate scheme.