Testing the effectiveness of free ads

effectiveness of free ads

Without evidence, you will never know how good or bad your ads are. Before the advent of the Internet, advertisers tested the quality of the ads using specific methods. However, then there were no such free ads.

Paid or free, spend time with ads and need the results of paid or free ads. Even if you have the opportunity to showcase your product for free, you should also check the effectiveness of free online or online advertisements.

The methods that the advertisers used to prove the success of the advertising were quite simple. To test the effectiveness of the words used or to verify what role gives the maximum mileage for advertising, advertisers use specific phone numbers or mailbox numbers.

By noticing which internal telephone rings most frequently and which mailboxes are full, they could measure the effectiveness of advertising. For each ad, they used a phone number with a specific extension number. The extension number is your advertising code, which appeared in a particular newspaper.

free online ads

The use of free online ads facilitates the tracking of the performance of the ads.

By checking server statistics, you can determine which ads performed well and which sites were suitable for placing ads.

Always have two sets of copies of classified ads. Test both copies continuously under the same conditions. Determine who works best.

Do not throw less effective advertising. Give the second copy of the ad some modifications. Once again, try two ads, placing them in front of potential customers. This type of testing never ends, and you continue to improve your advertising campaign.

Equally important is the channel test. What free classifieds give you the best results? You can borrow the same technique that newspaper advertisers used to test the effectiveness of the ads even today. Have toll-free numbers to give to your potential customers. Control the number of times each number of free calls. Therefore, it effectively verifies the effectiveness of your ad.

What are the most common ad copy techniques that produce the best results?

Over time, it is observed that ads that describe a product without adjectives become better. However, random attributes can also be used as “excellent quality”. Otherwise, avoid exaggerations that people can not believe.