LeveL33- the World’s Highest Urban brewery

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A distinctive construct that presents associate degree alone feeding expertise complete with one in every of the most effective views of Singapore’s docking facility bay and town skyline. Residing within the flat of Asia’s best business, the docking facility bay money center. This rooftop dining Singapore food and beverage service provider LevelL33 is that the epitome of urban flat feeding.

With the help of copper brew house kettles taking the center stage of this restaurant. And all are reminded of the freshly brewed brew that flows out of the guts of this fantastic restaurant. All the modern style is induced with the employment of wood textures and earth tones. The splendidly integrated interiors of the craft-brewery reconcile aesthetics, kind, and practicality during this elevated house.

Experience LevelL33rooftop dining

Wherever craft and the tradition meet for the most effective content brewery feeding then you can imagine about this rooftop dining. The rooftop dining in Singapore offers you a novel feeding expertise and atmosphere. The Contem Brewery cookery developed by the government cook ArChan has integrated the brew production components into the food. The creative mistreatment of the various brews and beer ingredients. And taking inspiration from the brew production processes itself.

The ingredients used in a beer like hops which have floral & citrusy flavor, then yeast which is cooked to counterpoint the aroma, malt which provides texture to the dish; and, last spent grains which are simply out there in a very still when the lautering process provides for each flavor and texture to the food dishes.