Paletten Sofa

Paletten are a piece of flat-bed wood that forms the base of every furniture at your home.  They form the ground on which your furniture stands, and it is the paletten that decides if your furniture will be long-lasting and sturdy or not. It all depends on the paletten to create the future of your beautiful furniture, therefore making paletten a very important object in our homes.

Paletten SofaORIGIN: Paletten originated in the year 1961 and was used to unload and load railway tracks. They did an excellent job as according to reports, once the paletten were used, the time required to originally unload the railway lines was cut down up to ninety percent. Today paletten is used to create the base ground for our furniture.

TYPES OF PALETTEN: There are various types of paletten available in the market. The euro paletten, which is a standard size of paletten, is measured by 1200x800x140mm in its length and width. Paletten can be distinguished through its textures and the type of wood that is used to build it. Paletten is normally built with Germanic Softwood, but other trees like oak, maple, elm, birch, etc. are also equally used.

SAFETY ISSUES: There lies a safety issue with paletten. Paletten sofas and beds are very common nowadays, giving your sofa sets and your beds a sturdy and durable structure.  But before buying a particular paletten, one must check its composition, and if the product is new or old. Old paletten are harmful due to their exposure to chemicals and urine, and they might even have loose nails lying over it, which can seriously injure somebody. If you wish to build your own Paletten Sofa, and you’re wondering fromwhere you can get the best product from, the site Palettenmoebel is the perfect option for you. They have a huge range of paletten from where you can choose from according to your personal preferences.


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