Facts About Eating and Running Verification

You’ve heard the phrase “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” before, but are you getting all the benefits of eating an apple while exercising? When running, you burn a lot more calories than sitting down. If you’re running for an hour (burning 600 calories), eating one medium-sized apple will help curb any hunger cravings. And if that’s not enough fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth, try topping it with nut butter or coconut oil to add another fat and calorie-rich food that will help fuel your body with essential nutrients.

Another way to curb hunger while running is to eat half a banana every 15 minutes. Bananas are full of potassium, which helps keep your muscles from cramping up as well as helping your body maintain an even heart rate.

If you’re looking for a unique way to multitask, try getting some gusto from gusano (or worm) tacos. The worms don’t add any flavor or nutrition, but it is one way to pass the time while running and eating at the same time! If you’re not too keen on eating bugs, plenty of other things that are fun and healthy will help distract you from how hard you’re working out. Check out some of these other activities to distract yourself from how hard you’re working out:

Skipping or dancing around on one foot while holding a skipping rope (as long as you pull the rope when running, not doing jumping jacks).

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Shooting rubber bands at your partner. (Make sure to toss them far enough that they don’t hit the ground and hurt someone.)

You are wearing absurd hats while walking. (If you wear it in the gym, you can do this during your cool down and show your runner friends that you have no shame).

Doodling in your workout book while counting down the rest of your workday.

Freestyle dance moves while running. (Don’t forget to add arm waving and jigging while running – it’s more fun).

Running in a circle with your arms up, shimmying and spinning in different directions. It’ll help with balance and prevent falling like a tree. It’s also fun!

There are many fun activities to distract yourself during your runs. This 먹튀검증 will help you get the most nutrients since your body will be processing food and exercise simultaneously. Don’t feel bad about enjoying yourself and taking time for play. It’s a great way to improve mood and motivation, so you can stick to your workouts and reach your goals.