Best Car Wheel alignment in Singapore- the Vital Part of a Vehicle

best car wheel alignment in singapore

Tires are something we see and use every day. And the worst part being, we usually take those tires for granted. Tolerating those scruffy roads and taking all the weight on them, the best car wheel alignment in Singaporeis our saviour. The value of a tire is perfectly known to a Formula one racer or the fan.

Variety exists everywhere, so in the case of car tires. There are various types of car tires, not just the ones classified as per the budgets but also some variants as per the needs and requirements. Following is a list of variants of car tires:

All-Weather or standard tires

These tires will work the same throughout the year. It constantly works in both wet and dry seasons.

Winter tires are designed for existing harsh winter weather driving conditions. The tires are such designed that they hold a grip. They cannot be used throughout the year since they damage quickly in summers.

  • Run-flat tires

It is comparatively a new concept and is coming in new cars. Run-flat tires minimize the after-puncture handling loss. Such the best car wheel alignment in singapore can run without air for a while. But this is only suitable for short distances.

  • Performance tires

Designed to provide a better grip in the dry season, the performance tires are also called summer tires. If your area has a warm climate, these tires can run all year round. In case of any damage, it goes impossible to get a good grip.

  • All-terrain tires 

All-terrain tires are designed to provide a good grip in dirt and sand. They can be used on standard roads too but are very noisy. Mud tires are also a type of all-terrain tires, and they are best suitable to work in mud and sand.

Since these four rubber patches support the whole working and moment of the car, it is extremely important to look after tire maintenance and safety.