A Perfect Bouquet Of Wedding Flowers Is Recipe To A Perfect Wedding

The world faced a deadly pandemic, economies crashed, but the one thing that carried on was weddings. While the magnitude of celebrations was lesser, it was still a celebration; and every celebration is incomplete without flowers. In a world full of diverse cultures and beliefs, every wedding has its processions, yet every wedding in the world uses flowers. While some use it as decorations, many use it as a part of customs and rituals. From using it in garlands to prettify a venue to the bride throwing the customary wedding bouquet, wedding flowers and marriage celebrations are complementary.

Popular Wedding Flowers

  • Peonies: As one of the most popular flowers used in weddings, peonies are perfect as centrepieces, bouquets, and venue decorations.
  • Roses: They symbolize love and romance, making it the perfect flower to be used on a joyous occasion of the union of two hearts.
  • Dahlias: While the roses mentioned above are the more popular choices, an elegant bouquet of white and pink dahlias is exactly what a bride needs to improve her special day.
  • Lilacs: If you have a spring wedding, lilacs are the way to go. These flowers are very underrated as far as wedding flowers go, but they can spruce up a venue like a vibrant garden in spring.
  • Sweet Peas: These are the perfect flowers for such an occasion. The ruffled petals give it a unique look and also enhance the white wedding dress.

Your wedding is the one day where you can animate your fairytale, and you should live it up to the fullest. If you go all out on the perfect dress and date, do sham it out on the flowers. Your choice of wedding flowers will not only speak on your behalf to your guests but also capture the essence of your flawless fairytale.